• Involved the community in healthier lifestyle behaviors

    • 5000 AIM to Prevent program participants to-date
    • 31% Achieved 150min/wk physical activity target
    • 24% Reached 4 servings of vegetables/day target
  • Reduced heart disease risk in AIM to Prevent program participants

    • 66% Improved cholesterol ratios
    • 58% Bettered tricglyceride levels
    • 17% Identified with previously undiagnosed hypertension
  • Engaged physicians and medical groups

    • 1000 Physicians trained on epidemiology
    • 300+ Collaborating physicians referring patients to Center
    • Established partnership with PAMF
  • Published Research

    • Collaborated with Stanford, UCSF and PAMF research programs
    • Presented posters at ACC, ADA, and AHA conferences
    • Published in Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders, Diabetes and Vascular Research, International Journal of Cardiology, and Ethnicity and Disease
  • Awards

    • U.S. Congress Award of Distinction (2012)
    • Santa Clara County Asian Heroes Award (2012, 2013)
    • Association of Fundraising Professionals Award (2009, 2013)



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