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Participants and volunteers at the South Asian Heart Center have compiled an exciting resource for home cooks who want to follow healthy nutrition guidelines and dietary habits as they prepare meals for themselves and their families. Cooking from the Heart cookbook is full of delicious, tasty recipes for heart healthy living. All recipes have been analyzed for their nutritional content, adjusted if necessary to be heart healthy, cooked, recooked and most importantly taste tested by our team of discerning contributors.



The South Asian Heart Center's

Diet Mantra: More greens than grains.

Diet Goal: 2 fistfuls of vegetables/day, 1 fistful of fruit/day, 12 nuts/day, zero sugared drinks.


The Center encourages high-fiber, plant based foods, limited consumption of refined carbohydrates, animal fats and processed foods, and discourages sweet beverages and fried snacks. The Center offers personalized recommendations for a diet to help you stop diabetes and heart attacks.


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